Flamed Myrtle

Botanic Name: Umbellularia califórnica

Density: 635 kg/m3

Common Names: Pepperwood, Bay Laurel

Origin: America

Description: This is yet another wood that often reminds one of maple in appearance and working properties, though it's texture is a bit coarser and it usually exhibits darker brown as well. It is a hard, heavy fine grained wood. Curly timber is often found in the older trees.   It is an excellent wood for machining, turning, boring, mortising, bending etc. Sharp tools should be used to avoid “burning” or “tear out”. It forms good strength glue bonds and takes a finish well, without need of fill. Spalted Myrtlewood is structurally solid, so much so that it can be used for acoustic guitars, yielding superior tonal quality and incredible eye appeal.                                  

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