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Antonio de Torres Requinto Plan

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  • Size: A-2 (420 x 594mm)
  • Scale: 1:1
  • Dimensions: In millimeters
  • Quantity: 3 sheets
  • Sheet One: Head, Rosette, Bridge, Heel 
  • Sheet Two: Soundboard viewed inside
  • Sheet Three: Fingerboard, neck, Section through centre of body 
  • By for: Roy Courtnall
  • Description: Torres is rightly seen as the founder of the modern Spanish classical guitar, and many experienced luthiers today still continue to make their guitars closely following the designs established by Torres in about 1860.Having made a guitar according to the larger dimensions of the Torres Plan Number 2, many guitar makers find it interesting to build a small guitar, often referred to as a Parlour or Requinto Guitar, in contrast to a full-size guitar. This is an interesting design to follow - the small guitar has a surprisingly vibrant and penetrating sound, especially in the treble range. The smaller volume of air contained inside the soundbox means that the bass range is less full, but provided a well-balanced instrument is constructed, the result is usually very pleasing.


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