Olive Wood

BOTANIC NAME: Olea europaea

ORIGIN: It comes from Middle East (Syria and Anatolia). But it also grows in southern Europe and northern Africa.

DESCRIPTION: It has a great beauty and an interlocked grain. Its sapwood color is white and the heartwood is yellow, seamed reddish brown. The growth rings are barely differentiated and visible. The fiber is irregular and it can sometimes be intertwined. It has a density of 850-1120 Kg/m3.

RECOMMENDATIONS: It dries slowly so this process is delicate because it can get cuts and collapse. It is recommended to dry it artificially, starting with a low temperature (40ºC) and a high humidity (85%). In the final phase, the temperature can reach 60-65ºC and a humidity of 40-50%.

USE: It is ideal for carving, turning, incrustations, bowls, handles of knives and decorations in general.

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