In this category you will find valuable tips and tricks on how to care for wood, how to work with it and how to make repairs. This section will help you get the most out of your purchases. You'll find articles covering a variety of topics, from how to select the right wood for your project, to how to keep it in good condition and how to fix common problems. In addition, we offer tips on lutherie tools and techniques, which will help hobbyists and professionals alike work with wood more efficiently and effectively.

How to clean a guitar: essential tips to keep it in perfect condition

In this article we talk about the daily cleaning and care tasks for your guitar, those small actions that we must do before and after playing, so that the instrument does not deteriorate with its daily use.


How to choose the right pickup for your guitar?

In the world of musical instruments, the electric guitar is one of the most recent compared to classical instruments. This does not mean that it is less complex, as it is made up of many elements that allow us to achieve those spectacular sounds that we find in many musical genres.</p

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