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Matte Lacquer NITORPOL (1l) + 046 PU Hardener NITORLACK® (2x0,25l)

Matte Lacquer NITORPOL (1l) + 144 PU Hardener NITORLACK® (2x0,25l)

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  • Quantity: 1l + 2x0,25l
  • Colour: Matte
  • Description: Two part colourless polyurethane finish of high gloss, excellent body, hardness and elasticity. These propeties among with its high transparency give a depth sensation to the coat, unsurpassable by nitrocellulose, shellac or water-based. Besides, the less product layers we have the more matte and substance sensation we get. The great impact and scratch lacquer resistance of the lacquer offers a maxiumun protection, guarantee and durability over time.

Instructions for use

Flammable product. Airfreight shipment is not allowed. Only for orders shipped by road.

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