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Maderas Barber has an extensive experience providing wood for guitars and all kind of musical instruments. Our woods are specially selected from those with the best quality and they are stored carefully year after year in our warehouse, which is probably one of the biggest assortment of wood for musical instruments worldwide.
  • Over 60 years experience

  • Own sawmills in different countries

  • Commitment to quality and personalized attention

  • Over 100 different species

  • Complete online store

  • Absolute respect for the environment

Global Presence

We are present in a large number of countries having own sawmills and commercial offices to distribute our wood worldwide.

Online Shop

At our online store you can purchase any of our wood for musical instruments easily.

Periodic News

Through our website you will learn the latest news and around the world of the woods for guitars and other instruments.

Wide range of woods in our catalog

We import timber from anywhere in the world, constantly expanding the number of species in our catalog.

Tonewood for luthiers

Between our clients there are both little artisans and luthiers who work wood handcrafted, and large manufacturers with bigger needs of supply.

  • guitarrita
    In addition, we offer the possibility of visiting our facilities and selecting personally the wood with any kind of restriction.

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Perfiles, Tiras de Fondo y Juntas de Aro

Customize your guitar design ! Discover our new types of bindings, backstrips and sides joint.

7 de November de 2019

NEW BINDINGS, BACKSTRIPS AND SIDES JOINT! We offer you 8 types of wood for bindings, backstrip and sides joint. Customize your guitar design, give a personal touch and combine different types of bindings, backstrips and sides joint that we offer you. In this occasion, Maderas Barber offer you this decorative product in 8 varieties of…


A pickup is a very important element, it acts as a conductor between the vibrations emitted by the strings and the amplifier.


29 de October de 2019

A pickup is a very important element, it acts as a conductor between the vibrations emitted by the strings and the amplifier. They are responsible to transmitting the sound as way as we hear it. Each pickup has different functions and objectives, generate certain sounds and are more appropriate for some genres or others. Major…



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