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SUMMIT® Special Fret Cutter with Angled Handle

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  • Dimensions: 220 mm.

  • Weight: 0,34 kg

  • Technical data: SUMMIT® special fret cutter with angled handle, length 220 mm, weight 0,34 kg, hardness 40-44/58+-2. Specially profiled fret cutter for cutting frets over the soundboard. Cuts safely without any possible harm to the surface of the soundboard. Hardened jaws to Hrc 58 enable also smooth cutting of hardest stainless steel frets.
    This fret cutter is made to handle all fret wires including Stainless Steel. The offset handles give knuckle clearance when nipping fret ends when the neck is resting on a bench. Long handles provide the power to cut jumbo wire. The handles are sprung so they re-open on release.

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9 Items


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SUMMIT® Special Fret Cutter with Angled Handle

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