Japanese mixed grain whetstone 800/320

Japanese mixed grain whetstone 800/320

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    • Dimensions: 183x63x13/15 mm
    • Material: Aluminium oxide abrasive
    • Grain: Mixed 800/320 for all types of steels
    • Description: Uehiro is a small Japanese company that has been supplying excellent sharpening stones for 3 generations. The founder, Kenkichi Okumura, started with natural stones from his own quarry, reaching a recognized prestige in Japan. These years of experience in the field of natural stones allowed Mr Okumura to continue with a range of excellent artificial sharpening stones typical of Japan.

The Cerax series is the best known range from the Suehiro company. These types of stones have a medium/high hardness bond and are particularly suitable not only for high-alloy tool steels, but also for lower-alloy carbon steels. Hard alloy steels (e.g. chromium/vanadium) require a stone with slow wear, as is the case with this Cerax 800/320.

Coarse-grained sharping stones are suitable for grinding large quantities of tool steel, for repairing chips and notches, changing the angle of the cutting edge, removing rust, etc.

Medium-grained grinding stones are used to obtain well-finished edges. 

The base supplied with the stone provides additional stability and facilitates storage.

The Nagura stone which is also incorporated is used for cleaning and deburring the stone surface as well as creating a fine polishing paste.

Before use, soak the stones in water for at least 10 minutes, it is not advisable to leave them permanently immersed in water.

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