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CuNiFe® Stratocaster® Pickup Set

CuNiFe® Stratocaster® Pickup Set

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Overview CuNiFe® Stratocaster® Pickup Set:

A true Fender innovation in single-coil pickups, CuNiFe™ Stratocaster pickups deliver a bright tone that's as familiar as it is new. Fender promises a sound with "more of everything": more bass, more volume, more clarity in the treble strings, but without losing an ounce of clarity or transparency. Almost a high-fidelity sound.

The CuNiFe™ (copper, nickel and iron) alloy has only previously been used by Fender in its sought-after original Wide Range humbuckers. These pickups are known for delivering high-fidelity clarity without ever losing attack and definition, no matter how hard the attack on the strings.

The eye-catching chrome cover acts as shielding to help eliminate 60-cycle hum, making these pickups a very quiet choice for a single-coil pickup. Sought after by players of all genres for decades, the original vintage CuNiFe™ pickups disappeared when the Telecaster Custom was discontinued in 1979.


  • Fender-exclusive CuNiFe™ magnets for clear, high-fidelity tone
  • Reverse-wound middle pickup to eliminate hum.
  • Chrome cover and vintage white inserts.
  • Wax-potted
  • Installation hardware included
  • Configuration: SSS
  • Magnet type: CuNiFe
  • DC Resistance: Neck: 9.6k, Middle: 10.0k, Bridge: 10.5k
  • Inductance: Neck: 3.8H, Middle: 4.2H, Bridge: 4.6H
  • Bobbin Material: Nylon
  • Pole Pieces: Adjustable
  • Tone: Vintage
  • Output: Vintage
  • REF: 0992367000

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Type of Pickup
Single Coil
3 Items


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CuNiFe® Stratocaster® Pickup Set

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