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Torrefied Maple Neck Nº27 MB...
Torrefied Maple Neck Nº27 MB...

Torrefied Maple Neck Nº27 MB Exclusive 700x100x25mm

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Overview Torrefied Maple Neck MB Exclusive:

Maple is one of the most used woods to build necks, whether it is for electric guitars or electric basses. Although maple is a particularly resistant and rigid wood, the torrefaction process accentuates these properties to a greater extent. What is torrefaction? It is a thermal treatment to which the wood is subjected to eliminate oils, sugars and other components that would take decades to disappear naturally. The result is a wood that is lighter and more resistant to changes in humidity. Additionally, the wood treated in this way acquires a beautiful yellowish tone, close to amber, which reminds us of vintage instruments with decades of history. Therefore, by using one of our torrefied maple necks in your next project you will achieve two goals: you will be sure that the neck of your instrument is as stable and rigid as possible without the need for other help such as carbon reinforcements. And it will also look stunning, which will become even more so when you lacquer it.


  • Dimensions: 700x100x25mm
  • Botanic Name: Acer pseudoplatanus
  • Origin: Center and East Europe
  • Density: 610-680 kg/m3

Quality grading of our woods

Curly Maple


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Torrefied Maple Neck Nº27 MB Exclusive 700x100x25mm

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