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JLD Bridge Doctor BD-1
JLD Bridge Doctor BD-1

JLD Bridge Doctor BD-1

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Overview JLD Bridge Doctor BD-1:

What is the JLD Doctor Bridge? you may be wondering. Well, the ideal thing is to start by describing the following: due to the constant tension exerted by the steel strings on the top of an acoustic instrument, it is common that, especially in guitars with a certain age, deformations appear in the top itself. These deformations, or bellies as they are commonly called in English, cause a multitude of problems. To begin with, the top arches so that the action -the distance from the strings to the fret- of the instrument increases. This leads to different problems, notably a harder touch, intonation problems...

To solve it, the creators of the JLD Bridge Doctor have developed a system where, by means of a rod and a piece of wood attached to the lower part of the bridge and the tail block of the guitar, we can correct and counteract that tension produced by the strings and bring the top down.

This way, you will be able to correct the deformed tops of instruments that would otherwise be very difficult to recover. Especially old 12-string guitars, which suffer even more from tension. And all with a system that can be installed in half an hour and without requiring precise knowledge of luthiery.

HOW TO INSTALL (english)

But not only for fixing soundboards...

The JLD Bridge Doctor system is used as standard on models from Breedlove and other American boutique builders. They all attest to the remarkable improvement in volume, projection and sustain of acoustic guitars equipped with this device. So don't limit yourself: you don't have to be repairing a top to use this system and benefit from its advantages.


  • Weight: 60 gr

28 Items


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JLD Bridge Doctor BD-1

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