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Green Ebony Acoustic / Archtop Guitar Fingerboard

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  • Dimensions: 500x75x9 mm 
  • Botanical Name: Diospyros Durionoides
  • Origin: Central America.
  • Density: 1000-1300kg/m3
  • Quality: These pieces are not classified by qualities and are included within a medium standard of quality, in other words, when we select them we reject the cracked pieces, with serious defects, or broken or useless ones. Therefore, we will always find good pieces that can have some slight defect, nice pieces, or pieces less attractive, always taking in account variations in colour or growth rings that each wood specie may have.


    When we purchase a fingerboard of acoustic guitar of standard quality, they will always be quarter cut, never flat cut as fingerboards together with the neck support the tension of strings and it must be quarter cut to have this stability.

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