Cyanocrylate Glue Ultra Thin GluBoost 59ml

Cyanocrylate Glue Ultra Thin GluBoost 59ml.

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  • Absolutely the best super-thin CA you have ever used. Guaranteed!A 100% pure wicking grade CA, MasterGlu UltraThin is the perfect super-thin adhesive for when you need deeper, more complete substrate wetting and wicking.MasterGlu UltraThin – absolutely the clearest, strongest, safest, easiest to use, water thin adhesive ever!
  • Ultra Clear Formula
  • Better performance – Stronger so you can use less
  • Safe for use on all finishes including Poly, Lacquer and even water-based finishes
  • Super Fresh – longest shelf life available of any glue
  • Carcinogen-free  – Far less irritating
  • Superior flow and substrate penetration – Great for sealing, wicking, and close parts attachment!
  • Pen in tip cap to prevent clogging
  • Included Whip Tips and Extender Nozzles for pinpoint accuracy
  • Use together with GluBoost to speed curing time
  • 2 oz. (59 ml.) Bottle

Flammable product. Airfreight shipment is not allowed. Only for orders shipped by road.

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