Sintoms Repair Curved Fretwire Set...
Sintoms Repair Curved Fretwire Set...

Sintoms Repair Curved Fretwire Set 2,50 mm

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  • Acoustic / Electric Guitar

  • Set 12 units

  • Large: 130 mm

  • 12%Nickel

  • Description: Sintoms repair frets have a thicker shank than traditional frets, this is because usually the fretboard slot is damaged or wider in the process of replacing or repairing the frets, with Sintoms repair frets we can adjust and fix better to the fretboard, this is why these frets are very popular among luthiers and repair shops.

    Sintoms frets are a reference in the world of guitars and it is due to the result of more than 30 years of research, they are products that are designed and produced according to the needs of musicians and luthiers around the world. Sintoms use advanced technology and high quality materials that prevent sound absorption and improve the sustain in the instruments achieving a clear and bright sound, also the precision in its manufacture allows to reduce the assembly time. Sintoms frets have a high resistance to wear as they are made of nickel silver with different percentages of nickel. We can also find frets made of stainless steel, brass, bronze, titanium and antiallergic alloy.

  • Remarks: 1 set is the approximate amount needed to build a guitar.

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Acoustic Guitar
Electric Guitar
Crown Weight
Nickel Silver 12%
15 Items


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Sintoms Repair Curved Fretwire Set 2,50 mm

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