Resina Epoxi Alimentaria 1.55 Kg

Food Epoxi Resin 1.55 Kg

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Finally the first TRANSPARENT Epoxy Resin certified for food contact

Non-toxic and certified for food contact (also liquids). Two-component, high-modulus, unfilled, medium-fluidized epoxy system.

The system is composed using only raw materials included in the positive list of substances allowed for food contact (EU Regulation No. 10/2011 January 14, 2011)

Excellent surface finish and good resistance to yellowing, to be used with the casting method, characterized by high transparency, good external stability, excellent mechanical resistance and resistance to basic and acid substances.

Best Seller for creating dishes, trays, cutting boards, plates, glasses, cutlery, knives and table tops, souvenirs, design furniture, decorative and design elements.

  • *!To coat your dishes and cutting boards!
  • High transparency, + excellent mechanical resistance,
  • Good chemical and carbonation resistance,
  • High impregnation and reinforcement of technical fabrics,
  • Long workability,
  • Glossy surface and self-levelling.
  • Heat resistance – up 70 C

* the documentation guarantees that the raw materials used are listed by the Ministry of Health and the laboratory migration test on the catalyzed resin samples are a further guarantee that the final hard product, if applied following the instructions for use, does not release harmful products for Health. This information can be consulted by the end user in the release of the HCCP certification which remains the responsibility of the end user.

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