Epoxy Resin Super Liquid 320 g

Epoxy Resin Super Liquid 320 g

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Resin super liquid for detailed moulding. The epoxy resin LIQUIDISSIMA (super liquid) is a double-component product with epoxy resin-based and amino catalyst.

Thanks to a specific formula and longer catalysis times, LIQUIDISSIMA resin is recommended for castings at least 1 cm thickness.

Clear epoxy resin super liquid is perfect for DIY, wood, artisans, jewellery, floor, art objects, molding, artistic creation, outdoor flooring, repairing fibreglass, artistic road surface, ceramic floor, boats, technical clothing impregnation (fibreglass, carbon fibre, Kevlar).

Double-compound epoxy system (composed of 200 g of resin and 120 g of catalyst) low viscosity for coated application (1mm) and casting from 1,5 cm of thickness.

LIQUIDISSIMA formula has been created to obtain casting with the least air bubbles, thanks to three main features: high transparency (water effect), low viscosity, longer workability than traditional ‘Transparent’ products.

Its excellent resistance to ambient moisture guarantees a bright and clear surface.

The following are the main features: 

  • High transparency.
  • Low viscosity.
  • Good chemical resistance.
  • Longer workability.
  • Bright and auto-straightened surface.


These features make the LIQUIDISSIMA epoxy resin ideal for artistic creations, specific jewellery molds and in all those applications where the smallest possible number of air bubbles inside the end product is required.

LIQUIDISSIMA can be colored with any epoxy coloring (paste or powder) in a percentage between 0.1% and 2.0%.

Technical specification:

Usage proportion 100: 60

Useful life (100 g to 25 °C): 45′,

Yellow: Low (Gardner 1),

Mechanical properties: middle/high,

Viscosity: low (175-225) cps to 25 °C),

Gelation timer (film to 1 mm 30 ºC): 3 h 00′-4 h 00′

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