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Art Pro Clear Resin (For Artists) 1.6 Kg

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Clear resin for DIY and artistic works. Auto-straightened clear epoxy system, ultraviolet radiation resistant, it creates a bright and protective coating.

ART PRO, epoxy resin specifically formulated for artist, thanks to its dense structure allows to create painting by “pour paint” technic and liquid paint.

It is not poured out of the work surface: it slowly reaches the corners of the canvas.

ART PRO allows you to keep your first design without being modified by resin filtration; thanks to its special formula, the different color coats do not expand and do not mix (unless you voluntarily take it part), faithfully respecting your creative idea!

Perfect smoothie and moistures resistant.

Epoxy resin without solvents or odors.



  • Artistic work, creation of art objects (paintings, panels, etc.) by using the “fluid-art” technique.
  • Surface, objects and furniture coating to give depth and to the color.
  • 3D effect on printing, photos and images in general.
  • Fixing filler (decorative elements, glass, stone, quartz, etc.)
  • Creation of a perfectly clear protective layer over your creations.

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The ART PRO formula is specially designed for coating in the art sector. It is compatible with coloring, powder pigments, alcohol and oil-based dyes and spray paint.

CAUTION: keep away from moisture, do not use on wet surfaces or with water-based dyes (e.g. acrylics).

Technical specification:

Usage proportion 100: 60 (per weight)

Useful life (150 g to 30 ºC): 1 h 20′,

Coated film (1 mm a 30 °C): 6:00′.

Complete catalysis after 24 h.

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