Lime Body (550x200x50mm)x2

Lime Body Bass / Electric Guitar

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  • Dimensions: (550x200x50 mm)x2
  • Botanical name: Tilia platyphyllos
  • Origin: Europe
  • Density: 520-560 kg/m3
  • Description: The Lime has pale white to cream color, turning pale brown once dry and the sapwood doesn’t differ from the heartwood. The density of this wood is 520-560 kg/m3, the fiber is straight and the grain is fine. The drying speed is fast, but it presents small risks of deforming if precautions are not taken.

    The range of hardness of the lime would be between mahogany and maple, which is why manufacturers looking for versatility use this wood, it is also a very easy wood to work due to its density so there are many manufacturers who use this wood as the first option for the manufacture of its instruments.

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Lime Body Bass / Electric Guitar

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