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Our company was founded fifty years ago and from the beginning was specialized in the supply of wood for musical instruments. Spruce tops begin importing from Germany, choosing the best quality and selling them to guitar makers in Spain. As demand grew for more exotic woods, gradually increase the number of species in our catalog, importing them from anywhere in the world and then establishing our own sawmills in different countries of origin.

We have solutions for both the manufacturer and the instrument maker who requires a high quality to the industrial manufacturer with a broad need for compliance in the supply and delivery.

We are currently able to supply about a hundred different species throughout its range of price and quality and enable our customers to manufacture virtually any instrument based on wood as basic manufacturing. We say with pride that we have the right wood for every need and every instrument both for strings to wind, percussion, etc... All this from the strictest respect for the laws in each country and protect the forest and its inhabitants.

Our offices are located in Spain, featuring commercial office and warehouse in China and being present in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Romania, Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar, India, Indonesia, etc. with our sawmill or associated companies, being able to supply from any of these locations, depending on the needs of our customers