Back Board Curly Bubinga 0,5 mm. + Phenolic Birch 9 mm.

Flamenco Cajon Back Board Curly Bubinga 0,5 mm + Phenolic Birch 9 mm

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  • Dimensions: 500x300x9 mm
  • Origin: Russia
  • Botanical Name: Betula spp.
  • Density: 640Kg/m3
  • Description: 100% Birch plywood board. Gluing is done with phenolic or ureic glue. These boards are almost perfect, without knots, with a diameter greater than 5 mm and uniformity of tone. This side is partially better than the other side, in which larger knots and some natural discoloration of the wood may appear.


  • Dimensions: 500x300x0,5 mm
  • Origin: Gabon
  • Botanical Name: Guibourtia spp
  • Density: 700-910 Kg/m3
  • Description: Board of 0.5 mm, 100% Curly maple veneer, without deformations and with knots typical of the grain of the wood. The glue used in the process doesn’t contain formaldehyde. The veneer used in the compositions is selected to give uniformity and exclusivity to the cajón flamenco.    


Requires CITES Certificate for export out of the European Union

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