Green Ebony

As well as the other Ebonies, Green Ebony is a very hard and dense wood, ideal for Archtop guitar fingerboards. It is essential that the fingerboard resist the pressure of the strings. Green Ebony is perfect for it.

In Maderas Barber we propose you the high quality Green Ebony fingerboards for Archtop guitars. Find out its sound properties.


BOTANIC NAME: Diospyros Durionoides


ORIGIN: Central America.

DESCRIPTION:   Density 1000-1300 Kg/m3 . Sapwood is white and heartwood is black/brown with stripes in different tones but mainly green olive colour.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Store it at right temperature to prevent cracks. Can cause skin problems.

DRYING: An uncommon characteristic of the green ebony , if it cracks before drying process it is possible that after drying the crack seals disappearing without a trace.

USES: Guitar backs and sides and also fingerboards, bridges and headplates.

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