Padouk is specially known for its durability, stability and easy treatment. These properties make it in a perfect ally to acoustic guitar rings making.

Its appearance makes it very original because it has an intense red colour of the heartwood. It also has great acoustic properties: it produces a clean and clear sound due to its medium density.

Maderas Baber’s Padouk rings for acoustic guitar have a really good quality and they are perfect if you want your instrument to be unique and to produce an intense sound.

BOTANICAL NAME: Pterocarpus Tinctorius



DESCRIPTION: Red colored wood with a 825 Kg/m3 density. The sapwood is cloudy and the heartwood is red. The grain can be straight or slightly intertwined, it’s also thick or uneven.

SUGGESTIONS: Padouk is a very easy wood to work with and presents no difficulties for hand work. It’s important to apply the primer before using finishing products.

DRYING: Drying can be regular or fast, without barely any risk of deformation.

USES: Guitar sounding box. Xylophones.

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