Victory Island Cypress

This yet not so much known wood produces a light and articulated tone and gives a good sustain to the luthier that works with it. It’s a stable and resistant wood with little chances to break or deform.


Acoustically, Victory Island Cypress has very similar qualities to guitar tops. Besides, it offers a very good price-quality relationship: find more at Maderas Barber.

BOTANICAL NAME: Cupressus nootkaterisis

ORIGIN: Canada

DESCRIPTION: Yellow wood with a 430-530 kg/m3 density. The colour of this wood is almost white or cream white in the sapwood and light or light yellow in the heartwood, which can get dark in the air or light. The grain is straight and changes from thin to medium size.

SUGGESTIONS: Machining presents no problems, neither does gluing or finishing. Metals and humidity leave stains. The dust of this wood can cause allergies or toxicity to some people.

DRYING: Drying in chambers is easy, they occasionally appear some superficial cuts in great thickness pieces and resin secretion.

USES: This wood is mainly used for sounding boards.

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