The classic guitar plywood sides maintains the beauty of the grain and many of the acoustic properties of solid wood, they are also the most economical option to manufacture our guitar. In Maderas Barber we have different plywood, from classic woods such as Maple to the beautiful Ziricote, all of them allow us to build a quality and beauty guitar. All the glue used in our veneer processes is extensive of formaldehyde. 



  • Flame Maple

             The Curly Maple is a wood widely used in the manufacture of instruments due to its beauty and acoustic properties. It’s an easy wood to work and with a simple sanding. The economic difference from the solid makes curly maple plywood an excellent choice.

  • Bubinga

    Bubinga’s plywood is a strong wood, so we must be careful at the moment of shaping solid sides; this isn’t a problem in our plywood sides because all veneer sides are already curved. Click on the article and discover the beauty of this wood.

  • Green Ebony

             The Green Ebony Plywood stand out for the figures of its mesh, the touch and of course the sonority of this wood. All these features make it one of the best options to manufacture your guitar.

  • Ovangkol

             When we select our wood, we must take into account that in the wood industry a very high percentage of the best trunks are used for veneer, so in Maderas Barber you can find pieces of Ovangkol with incredible color and beauty.  Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the magnificent ovangkol plywood sides that we offer.

  • Walnut

             Using the Walnut for our sides plywood acoustic guitar is a wise choice, in fact the conditions of this wood make it perfect for the manufacture of our instrument. In addition, the walnut is a wood little porous and easy sanding, so the guitar completion work will be easier. Don’t think about it anymore and take your Nogal plywood sides.

  • Padouk

             The characteristic color of this wood makes the padauk a very popular option to manufacture an classic guitar, many guitar players combine the padauk with decorations and white wood with a magnificent result.

  • Indian Rosewood


  • Santos Rosewood


  • Sapele


  • Dyed Sapele


  • Sycamore


  • Ziricote