The plywood complements that we have in MB consists in wood veneer of different colors and thicknesses that we usually use in purflings and decorations instruments although it has many uses. The plywood complements are made of natural sycamore veneer with a thickness that ranges from 0,4 mm to 1 mm. We can also find them in different colors to combine them in the way we want in the design of the purflings or decorations.



  • Color Veneer 0,5 mm

    In Maderas Barber we offer, to the lovers of the different and colorful, a wonderful range of Veneer Colors. With them you could decorate your guitar by making brightly colored purflings or give to that instrument a touch of color with thin 0.5 mm plates of Sycamore, dyed green, red, black, yellow or blue. Do something unique building your wooden musical instrument with wood veneer sheets.

  • Natural Sycamore Veneers

    Our Sycamore Natural Veneer is the ideal accessory to decorate your musical instrument, giving it that natural and delicate touch for a reasonable price. We have it of several thicknesses, from 0,4 mm to 1 mm. In addition, you can enjoy the lightness and the ease of handling that has veneer, a material that takes advantage of the beauty of the wood and brings a plus to your work.  

  • Color Plywoods

    The color plywood is used to combine purflings or instruments decorations. All our colored veneers are made of Sycamore dyed by prestigious companies. Its dye penetrates from the outside to the entire piece, allowing to be sanded without the color disappearing, as in the case of purflings and decorations.