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Electric Guitar & Bass 


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  • Carved Tops

    Approximate measurements of Carved Tops for Electric Guitar and Bass: (500/550x170/200x16 mm)x2


    Carved Tops Electric Guitar and Bass is the perfect choice to complete the body of the instrument. For its average thickness (16 mm) it is used to bring beauty, lightness and lower cost for Electric Guitar or Bass. Its thickness makes them ideal to carve and lower the top, recreating the great designs of Carved Tops, instruments in which the Top has curvature, being maximum height in the center and decreasing thickness towards the edges.


    Enjoy a more beautiful, more economical and lighter instrument with Carved Tops.

  • Bodies
  • Drop Tops

    Approximate measurements of Drop Tops for Electric Guitar and Bass: (500/550x170/200x7 mm)x2


    Drop Tops for Electric Guitar and Bass is the lightest and economical choice to complete an instrument and give it the beauty that Electric Guitars and Basses deserve. Because of its thickness (7 mm), the end result is ideal, with a much lower cost and lighter than the rest of Tops. In addition, their lightness will make it easier to work with Drop Tops.


    Get an Electric Guitar or Bass with the wood you like and at the best price.

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  • Kits Do It Yourself
  • Necks
  • Body Tops

    (550x200x22/24 mm)x2