Is a wind traditional instrument of almost 30 cm long – although in can measure up to 20 cm more – with a cone shape that is played by means of a doble reed. It belongs to the oboe family; in fact, it’s sometimes called the rustic oboe.

The dulzaina is composed of three different areas, the cup or upper part with the pressurized bowstring on the reed, the body, the central area of the instrument of about 18 cm, with seven holes in the front and one in the back, located between the first two front ones, and finally, the bell of 9 cm, which with a hole on each side is its natural amplifier.

In Maderas Barber we use several types of wood with appropriate properties for the manufacture of this legendary instrument that dates its invention of the year 3,000 B.C. as are the granadillo, boxwood, cocobolo, kingwood, santos rosewood, tulip wood, ebony, pequia o bubinga.

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