Accessories and Machinery

In Maderas Barber we know that musical instruments are not made only of wood, so we have a wide range of accessories for musical instruments.

In our online store you will find accessories for musical instruments that are essential for the good maintenance and construction of instruments, and also to achieve the desired end result, beautifying and improving every detail of the instrument.

In our section Accessories and Machinery you will find many items, whether for guitars, wind instruments, electric basses... Everything you need to get the most out of wood for musical instruments.

In this category you can find everything from Glues to Frets, through Tuners, Rosettes, Purflings and even Machinery, all of them essential in the daily life of a luthier, but always with the highest quality.

Accessories and Machinery 


  • Tuners

    Because of string musical instruments tend to detune when the strings loosen, in Maderas Barber we have tuners for guitars and other instruments.

    Overall, a tuner for string instruments is a device that tells you what note is giving each string. Nowadays it also tells which string corresponds to the note being played. With all this, within the different ways of tuning, electronic tuners are possibly the most easily and precisely way to tune a guitar or any other instrument.

    Tuners for ukulele, guitar, bass... are very useful to get the most out of our musical instruments and our creativity, achieving a very significant change in our sound.

    Without a doubt, the tuners are essential accessories that every guitarist or luthier should have from day one, and that is that tuning is essential to create music and educate the ear properly.

  • Service Pads

    It is well known that a luthier needs the best tools for woodworking accurately and safely, so that in Maderas Barber we provide the best accessories, as are the Service Pads.

    Service Pads are essential to build a guitar or other musical instrument safely: it is very useful to deposit guitar on it while working in their small details. As it is a fine and soft foam, any scratches are produced in the instrument.

  • Rosettes

    Rosettes are decorative circular motifs, made mostly of wood, which are placed around the opening of the Tops of Guitars and other string instruments. The Rosette is another part of the guitar, if not essential yes a primordial element together with the Headplate and the Bridge if you want to customize the instrument.

    While a Rosette is certainly decorative, it also has a practical function: with its many wooden rings, it tends to prevent developing cracks in the opening from spreading to the rest of the Top.

    All the ancient luthiers made their own Rosettes, more or less elaborate, however in Maderas Barber we have diverse and beautiful Rosettes to avoid the slow and meticulous work; but without any doubt, they are high quality and beautiful accessories.

  • Color Veneer

    Sycamore 0,5 mm

    In Maderas Barber we offer lovers of different and colorful things a range of Color Veneer to let your imagination run wild. Discover all you can do with them: decorating your Guitar making brightly colored Purflings or giving a touch of color to your instrument with 0,5 mm thin veneers of Sycamore tinted green, red, black, yellow or blue. Do something unique to build your wooden musical instrument.

  • Natural Veneer

    Our Sycamore Natural Veneer is the ideal accessory to decorate your musical instrument, giving it that natural and delicate touch for a small fee. We have various thicknesses from 0,4 mm to 1 mm. Besides, enjoy the lightness and ease of use that has the veneer, a material that uses the beauty of wood and adds a plus to work.

  • Cyanoacrylates

    In Maderas Barber we have a range of different cyanoacrylate adhesives for use in day to day Luthieres, either to build and to repair wooden musical instruments.

    Cyanoacrylate adhesives are excellent adhesives for wood, instantly getting very strong bonds. There are numerous presentations of cyanoacrylate in the market, from liquid by capillarity until gel, according to the preferences or needs of the moment.

    The name is used to discuss a set of substances used as quick setting adhesives, so they are also known as "superglues".

    Cyanoacrylate adhesives are the best known and widespread adhesives nowadays: its success is based on the drying speed together with the ease of adhesion and the extraordinary mechanical strength achieved with just a few drops of adhesive.

  • Machine Heads & Tailpieces

    The tuners, particularly those of guitars and basses, are that part of the instrument used to tighten or loosen the strings, in order to keep it in tune.

    The machine heads work similarly to a screw: to make us a little idea, turning each of its pieces we press or loosen the strings of the instrument.

    That said, it is more than obvious the importance of having good machine heads. In Maderas Barber we have tuners for Classical Guitar, Acoustic, Electric, Bandurria, Lute and Bass, all of them with the highest quality. Choose yours from the wide variety we have of Schaller, Gotoh, Van Gent and Ping Well brands.

    On the other hand, we also have tailpieces for Lute and Bandurria, accessories used as a fastening device of the strings. These accessories can be used in other instruments with 12 strings or less as the Cuban Tres, Cuatro or Mandolin.

    Discover Machine Heads or Tuners and Tailpieces from Maderas Barber: a large variety to choose from.

  • Glue


    When talking about glues in the wood market we talk about polyvinyl glue. This one is the most used to work with wood. Woods for musical instruments are particularly delicate. In our company we aim for the best and without a doubt the Titebond glue is the most adequate for our instruments. Titebond glue is particularly recommended to get the best finish with the highest strength to changes of temperature and shock resistance .

    Titebond offer us different types of glues to suit luthier requirements. Opting for our glues assures you speed, quality , resistance and an excellent finish.

    You can work with our glues around 24 months preserving their properties as long as glues are not expose to temperatures superior to 23 degrees. After that period we can keep using them if they have been in an adequate temperature.

    With the time they can lose their properties.

  • Other Decorations

    In Maderas Barber we like uniqueness. We offer you different guitar decorations for a perfect touch. We have all types of decorations, from abalone for rosettes to mother pearl position marker for fingerboards, ebony stripes to reinforce the neck, decorations in different woods for bridges and many more options that you will find in our wide range.

  • Electronics

    It is the electronics in the guitar that allows the sound to be amplified because electric guitars are made with a solid body and don’t have a hole to hold air that when stimulated creates an audible sound. There are several components that allow us to achieve sound in electric guitars and basses. Maderas Barber offers you everything you may need in electronic accessories to build your electric guitar or bass

  • Feedback Eliminators
    Feedback Eliminators are the ideal accessory for the perfect functioning of amplified guitars. These accessories prevent sound to come out of the Guitar soundhole, either Classic or Acousticcausing it to only be played by the amplifier. The Feedback Eliminator has to be inserted into the guitars soundhole to reduce unwanted feedback. Because of its light weight it doesn't influence vibrations and sound properties of your instruments soundplate, allowing better sound control. Your sound will benefit in live performances, rehearsals and studios. 
    Get a Feedback Eliminator and achieve the cleanest sound with an accessory of just 5 grams.
  • Guitar Cases and Covers

    There is something more important than our guitar, and it is to PROTECT our guitar. We know the value of the instrument which implies investment and effort . That’s why we offer you a big range of bags and cases to keep safe your instruments.

    We know you like variety, we present you different models in different colours and qualities.

  • Pickguards

    Most of the Guitars tops can be damaged over time with the contact of our hands or guitar picks. In Maderas Barber we offer you different models for all guitar types. They not only protect your guitar they are also a decorative element that give your guitar a personal and special touch.

  • Hardware

    Both the electric guitar and the electric bass are instruments that are subject to great wear on their pieces, this also depends largely on the guitarist’s way of playing. The electric guitar and the electric bass are customizable instruments with designs of all kinds, the hardware in addition to provide solidity to the body are a more decorative element customizable.   

  • Hygrometers, Calipers and Rulers

    Timber Hygrometers or wood moisture meters are used in the care of all types of woods which can be damaged by improper humidity conditions.

    For clarification, wood moisture is the quantity of water in the wood cells in relation to the dry mass of wood, being indicated in%.

  • Nuts & Saddles

    Guitar bones are related to the bridges and fingerboards. In Maderas Barber we have several models not only for acoustic guitar but also for classic guitar. Additionally, we have introduced our finished bones for nut and saddle to speed up the guitar building. All our models are made of bovine bone of different origins: Japan, France and Spain. All of them are high quality and easy to handle because of its creaminess and natural density. Without a doubt the sound of our bones is very good and its price makes our bones one of our leading products.

  • Inside the Box

    In a guitar, soundboard braces and braces are so important as the top or the back where they are integrated. Guitar bracing is essential since it plays a central role in the instrument structure and its sound.

    Braces have a structural function, while soundboard braces arrange the vibration modes along the top. Depending on the top proprieties, the soundboard braces are designed with different length, width and height. According to the quantity of wooden struts and how are they going to be placed, there many different bracing patterns.

  • Luthery Books

    Discover all the details and best kept secrets of lutherie. In the collection of Maderas Barber Lutherie Books we can find the history of the guitar, the different ways to build it in Spain and in the rest of the world, the best way to build our violin, viola or cello and even plans of famous guitars. 

  • Lubes

    Lubes are an accessory more than necessary to maintain and care for guitars.

    Whether for Machine Heads or for Strings, lubes should be in the life of every guitarist who want to preserve the guitar as the first day.

    Take care of your guitar and extend its life with Maderas Barber lubes.

  • Machinery

    In Maderas Barber we not only provide you Woods for your guitar, we also have machinery. Without a doubt the sides bending is one of the most complicated process. In Maderas Barber we want to offer you the more advanced and precise market machinery with different temperature controllers and functions to find the optimal heating to bend the sides.

    Technology is moving ahead at a staggering speed and our machines never were so much precise and secure. Moreover, they speed up a long process that years ago was very slow.

  • Wood Samples Box

    In Barber Woods we know that it is not easy to choose the wood for our musical instruments simply by a photograph or by the specifications: the best thing in having the wood in our hands. The Wood Samples Box is the ideal choice for the recognition, selection and exposure of the different types of wood, so that we do not make mistakes before working them.

    Check the aesthetic and physical characteristics of the woods available in Maderas Barber.

  • Nomex

    We should call “empty tops” or “Double top” to the process or making the guitar tops with Nomex. This process consists in a kind of sandwich made with two outer pieces of wood separate by the Nomex. Nomex is a lightweight honeycomb fiber . Cells are 0,2 mm thick and the size is 3,5 mm between vertices.

    This material is extremely light, made of Kevlar fiber . It was developed as a thermal insulating for the clothing and shoes manufacturing for astronauts. Actually it is used in the panel building and in aviation industry.

  • Purflings

    In the old times bindings were use when the finish of the guitar was defective or the cut was not much precise. With the time luthiers start to use them to customize the guitar design. Nowadays bindings are used in Classic and Acoustic guitars and models and their designs have been developed. In Maderas Barber we have plenty of models to decorate your instrument to make it unique.

  • Plans

    Great collection of guitar templates from some of the most famous guitarists in history. With these plans, you can make your own instruments with the sizes and secrets of great luthiers and most famous guitars in the world. These blueprints are an achievement of years of study and work. Maderas Barber offers you flamenco guitar plans, classic guitar plans and archtop guitar plans. These blueprints cab be found on our website are from: Antonio de Torres 1884, Manuel Ramírez, Ignacio Fleta, Hermann Hauser and many more ...  Coming soon to our store these guitars templates!

  • Polishing and Pore Fillers

    How much headache some of you have had when polishing the instrument. Filling pores till getting a finish polishing to obtain the beauty without losing sound properties and natural characteristics. In Maderas Barber we offer you our products for polishing and filling pores. All our products have been selected by our professionals to offer you the best quality available in the market. In our online store you will find what you need.

  • Reinforcements (Top/Back/Side/Neck)

    Guitar inside reinforcements are essential to give the instrument stiffness and stability. They are also essential for the guitar sound. In Maderas Barber we have different models to reinforce all guitar parts in different woods and materials to fit our customers demand.

  • Bracewoods

    Normally each luthier has his own way to use bracewood for interiors. We could call it the guitar vertebral column. It is essential a quality wood. The bracewood we have is specially oriented to the making of the bracing. We can offer them to you in Cedar, Sitka, and Spruce in different thicknesses to reinforce your guitar and get the best sound.

  • Screws

    In Maderas Barber we have screws essential to fix the machine heads. We have two available colours, gold and nickel. The head is a Philips model and they are extremely hard.

  • Frets

    In most of the modern instruments frets are thin metal strips (nickel, Steel or alpaca) encrusted on the fingerboard. Frets are placed on the fingerboard and separate from one another. This distance is one of the variable that determine the tonality of the musical note produced.

    When touching a string in a fret a musical note comes out. Frets are spaced according a maths rule. Each fret produce a note in a half tone higher than the previous fret. Frets divide the fingerboard in half tones. On the guitar, a fret corresponds to half tone. In Maderas Barber we offer you different fret models, with stripes or flat, with different crown dimensions for the stringed instruments.