Unique pieces

If you want a unique guitar in the world, the unique MB exclusive pieces are what you need to differentiate your instrument. They are chosen one by one by tonewood experts. In addition, they are the most spectacular you can find in our stock.

What are the advantages of the unique MB exclusive pieces?

Whichever one you buy, they all come:

  1. Twinned: In the case of backs and hoops, we previously select the ones that best match according to their color, fiber and shape.

  2. Dry: Using our state-of-the-art drying kiln with a continuous vacuum system, we dry the wood to a humidity level of between 8 and 10%.

  3. We sand and calibrate the pieces to the exact size to obtain a flat surface, almost ready to varnish.

How was MB exclusive born?

MB exclusive was born as a brand to offer you the best sustainable and exclusive pieces, the result of our experience and quality.

Finding the perfect wood is an arduous task that any luthier must undertake before starting to build.

Why go for an MB exclusive piece?

  1. We have professionals specialized in the choice of wood.

  2. We carefully select each piece, based on its level of quality, beauty and uniqueness.

  3. We work with the ultimate machines to achieve the optimum finish for each product.

  4. We perform strict quality controls to ensure that the pieces meet all the requirements. 

How to recognize an MB Exclusive product?

Each of the MB Exclusive products is marked with the brand's seal to easily identify them and certify their quality and exclusivity.

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