B Flat Galician Bagpipe

The B Flat Galician Bagpipe is a wind instrument which, in its simplest form, consists of a pre-formed tube (pointer), provided with a reed and inserted into a wineskin, which is the air reserve. The air enters the wineskin (fol) through a second tube, which has a valve that prevents the exit of the air provided by the bagpiper's lungs. It compresses the wineskin with his arm to keep the air out with sound.

The choice of wood could be subject to different variables such as the timbre character or the climatic conditions that the bagpipe in question will endure, but in the end, it is the bagpiper who, with his own knowledge and taste, decides which type of wood to use. For some years now, imported woods from tropical countries have been used due to their excellent physical and acoustic properties. Some of them are bubinga, boxwood, tulip wood, rosewood, kingwood, ebony, granadillo, mopane, santos rosewood or pequia.

In the case of the Galician Bagpipe in the key of B flat, is this type of bagpipe that is most used by the majority of bagpipers when it is going to be played with more bagpipes. The C key is also suitable for an accordionist or guitarist to adapt to our sound.

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