Woodwind instruments

There is nothing more satisfying for us at Maderas Barber than being able to make every craftsman's dream come true by providing them with the wood they need to build their instruments. We travel around the world looking for and selecting authentic marvels of nature so that you can have them in your hands and work them as only you know how. Whether it is the highly valued ebony, the very hard granadillo, the spectacular cocobolo or other rare and valuable woods such as campincerán, bubinga, boxwood... all of them can be found in the following pages, in a plethora of dimensions depending on the instrument you want to build.

Currently we have in our catalog pieces to build the wooden parts of symphonic instruments such as the oboe, the cor anglais or the clarinet. And of course, for popular instruments such as the dulzaina or dolçaina and the bagpipe (Spanish in its Asturian and Galician forms) and the legendary Scottish bagpipe.

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