Wind Instruments

The wind instruments are those that contain a gaseous volume (generally air) capable of producing sound when it is conveniently expelled.

The wind instruments or aerophones are a family of musical instruments that produce the sound by the vibration of the wind and by the mass of air in its interior, without the need of strings or membranes because it only requires the use of the wind.

The wind instruments can be classified into two categories. These categories are divided according to how the sound is produced:

       Brass instruments. The timbre is usually strong, bright and with a metallic sound. The sound in these instruments is produced by the vibration of the lips on a cup-shaped metal mouthpiece, which produces the acoustic frequency.

       Wooden instruments. The timbre of these instruments is softer and more melodious than that of brass. The sound is produced by blowing on a hole (bevel mouthpiece) or by vibrating a double or single reed. 

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