Quilted Maple Backs

Cello dimension Backs (845x245x40/10mm)x2


The typical wood used for the cello backs is the flamed maple. It is not only a precious wood but also has excellent acoustic properties that’s why it’s been for years the favourite wood used to build the cellos.

Cello backs resonate to provide much of its tone and volume. The back is one large expanse of resonant wood without any hole. Around the edge of the top and back you can see a decorative border inlay known as “purfling”. This inlay has a decorative appeal but also can prevent cracking of the wood. Without purfling , cracks can spread up or down the top or back.

The quality and age of the wood in the back and also the top have a large impact on its sound. In Maderas Barber we offer you a wide range of flamed maple of different qualities to build the instrument following your specifications.

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