What is CITES? 

Notification CITES August 2019 

The Rosewood intended to make finished musical instruments pieces, will be excluded from CITES regulations.

Notification CITES March 2018 

Ban on trade in wild fauna and flora, except certain specimens of Dalbergia latifolia and Dalbergia sissoo

Surely you have already heard that CITES regulations have changed and they came into effect on January the 2nd 2017, however, in Maderas Barber we did not want to rush to gather the information so that it is as complete and rigorous as possible .


For our part, we always want to keep you informed to facilitate your day-to-day. We have prepared some documents so that you have a guide when buying or selling woods and / or musical instruments. It is our aim to inform you about the changes on the CITES regulations and what they mean.


Down below we provide you a guide prepared by us, written in the most intuitive and detailed way


View or download our guide and the information of the Government of Spain:



On the other hand, it should be noted that the following information by the Government of Spain comes from the new international CITES legislation, but focused on the Spanish characteristics and conditions, so if you need additional information about other countries, contact your Government or the appropriate CITES office.




However, our collaboration does not end here; if you have any questions, do not hesitate to let us know, we are here to help you.