Madagascar Ebony (CITES)

The Madagascar Ebony has always been a highly valued wood due to its acoustic properties. This wood adds a bright and a dynamic touch to the instrument sound, and it also has very important qualities to make fingerboards for acoustic guitar.

The resistance and density of this wood, make the fingerboard a very durable element. Without a doubt, this is a safe bet for your acoustic guitar. At Maderas Barber we have fingerboards made out of high-quality Madagascar Ebony for Acoustic Guitar: discover the extraordinarily neat sound of this wood.

BOTANICAL NAME: Diospyros perrieri.

COMMERCIAL NAMES: Madagascar Ebony

ORIGIN: Madagascar

DESCRIPTION: Black wood whose density is 1050-1280 kg/m3. This wood has a white or light-yellow color in the sapwood and black in the heartwood, although it may have white grains. The grain is extremely fine, almost invisible.

SUGGESTIONS: It cracks easily when there are changes in temperature or relative humidity. It is resistant to fungus and insects. It is difficult to work because it is abrasive for the tools and they will need to be sharpened often. Machining and gluing are complicated because this is a dense and a hard wood. The finish does not present problems.

DRYING: The drying speed varies from normal to slow. If it is small, it dries well but it tends to crack or distort.

USES: In addition to being used in various instruments fingerboards, it is also used in wind instruments.

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