Amazon Rosewood

Amazon Rosewood is the closest variety to the praised Palo Santo de Río,a very protected wood by international laws in order to keep its exitance alive.

One of the most important characteristic of Amazon Rosewood sides is its high capacity to reflect the sound, an essential feature for this part of the instrument. Its aesthetic is another plus point.

Maderas Barber has great quality Amazon Rosewood sides: discover the excellent tone qualities and elegance that this wood has offer to your instrument.

BOTANICAL NAME: Dalbergia spruceana.

COMMERCIAL NAMES:Palo Santo Amazonas, Jacaranda de Amazonas, Palisandro de Amazonas.

ORIGIN: Brazil.

DESCRIPTION: Dark Brown Wood with a 1100 kg/ m3 density. The colour of this wood is light yellow in its sapwood and orange brown/traced reddish/dark grains in its heartwood. The grain is medium and uniform.

SUGGESTIONS: It’s hard to work with due to its density. You need to be careful with gluing, as it happens with most of all Rosewoods. Finishing is good, getting a natural bright in sanding.

DRYING: Drying time is slow and there’s possibility of cracking due to its density.

USES: Besides using it for fingerboards, it’s also used for sounding boards and xylophones.

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