Birdseye Maple

The special look of the Birdseye Maple is a result of a genetical illness of an unknown origin. The figures of this wood imitate rounded figures like bird eyes, reason of its given name.

However, due to the singular structure of the grain and pattern, it has less stability than the common maple.

Acoustically, Birdseye Maple gets a special bright sound for the sounding board. All these reasons explain why is so claimed for acoustic guitar backs.

BOTANICAL NAME: Acer saccharum Marsh

COMMERCIAL NAMES:Birdseye Maple, Arce Ojo de Perdiz

ORIGIN: North America.

DESCRIPTION: 630-700 kg/m3 density light wood. The wood color is white with a bit of a red in the sapwood and the duramen has a pale red brown. Fiber is straight, but it occasionally can be showed as wavy. The grain is thin. This variety is really common, the wood has rounded shape draws, like eyes figures. There are different theories about its motive and might be possible to be a default of the wood growth. The result is a very beauty and requested pattern.

SUGGESTIONS: Difficult sawing, the machining has problems and is a difficult to sand wood. It presents good ability to bend when steamed. Finishing and Gluing present no problems.

DRYING: It’s an easy to dry wood, but it has some risk of collapse and cracks.

USES: Mainly used for sounding boards and Electric Guitar/Bass bodies.

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