Guitar Cases and Covers

There is something more important than our guitar, and that is to protect it. We know the value, the invest and the effort that an instrument mean for someone, so we want to offer you the best variety of guitar cases and cover in order to protect your instrument in the best way. And this big variety include different colours, qualities and designs.

Guitar Cases and Covers 


  • Guitar Cases 2 Colors

    This guitar case is a wonderful option for your instrument. It is rigid and with a soft and velvety padding which protects your guitar inside from any kind of blow, scratch or touch. In addition, they offer a pocket to keep safe tools, strings or any other accessory.

  • Guitar Cases Made in Spain

    The guitar cases made in Spain are cases of high quality, with plywood inside and with a soft padding which protects your classic guitar from scratches and touches. Also, these cases made in Spain have belts to transport guitars easily. We have available 3 different colours: white, red and black. All them made with leatherette with high quality.

  • Guitar Bags

    The guitar cases we have in Maderas Barber are a perfect option to protect your guitar. They have an excellent quality-price ratio and we propose you 3 different colours: green, grey and khaki.

    The padding is made with foam of high quality which adapts to any instrument, even the little ones. The case has also a big pocket with zip which ensures you more safety for the instruments and accessories you transport.