Chanter Kingwood Asturian Bagpipe 360x38x38 mm

Chanter Kingwood Asturian Bagpipe 360x38x38 mm

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Overview Chanter Kingwood Asturian Bagpipe 360x38x38 mm:

In Maderas Barber we have available all the necessary sizes to build your Asturian bagpipe. The Chanter is one of the fundamental pieces of the bagpipe, as it is where the holes that allow the piper to produce the melodies are located.

Kingwood is a beautiful wood from Brazil, which reaches violet tones impossible to find in other woods. It is a very dense and hard wood, not as hard as blackwood or ebony, but acoustically excellent nevertheless. Its greatest quality is undoubtedly its beauty; that, of course, does not detract from its many other merits, such as its great resistance to humidity and insect attack or the ease with which it is turned and a natural shine is obtained.


  • Dimensions: 360x38x38 mm
  • Botanical name: Dalbergia cearensis
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Density: 1020 Kg/m3

 Requires CITES Certificate for export out of the European Union

CITES information

Quality grading of our woods

wide and thick


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Chanter Kingwood Asturian Bagpipe 360x38x38 mm

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