CITES changes 2017

12 de January de 2017

Maderas Barber – CITES changes 2017 Surely you have already heard that CITES regulations have changed and they came into effect on January the 2nd 2017, however, in Maderas Barber we did not want to rush to gather the information so that it is as complete and rigorous as possible . For our part, we…

Maderas Barber – Luthier Felipe Conde

Luthier Felipe Conde

4 de November de 2016

Luthier Felipe Conde Nowadays, Luthier Felipe Conde belongs to the third generation of a great guitar-making dynasty that was born in 1882, giving it a new boost and enhancing the hallmarks that have always characterized Conde’s guitars. His high-end flamenco and classic guitars constitute an icon of the best Spanish handicraft. They are also a warranty…

Maderas Barber – Teodoro Pérez Guitars

Teodoro Pérez Guitars

3 de November de 2016

Teodoro Pérez Guitars Teodoro Pérez Guitars is a family company focused on the artisanal construction of Classic and Flamenco guitars. The construction of its guitars follows a technique developed through generations of expert guitar Luthiers from the Madrid school, giving its guitars a distinctive touch… All its guitars can be tailored upon the client’s request.   Made in Spain…

Maderas Barber – Spanish Luthier Juan Luis Cayuela

Spanish Luthier Juan Luis Cayuela

7 de October de 2016

For more than 43 years ago the craft guitar shop of Spanish Luthier Juan Luis Cayuela, is located in Zaragoza Street No. 4, in the center of Seville. The origin of the Spanish Luthier Juan Luis Cayuela started four generations ago, in the person of Juan Luis Cayuela Callejas, born in 1901, this guitarist, born in Andujar (Jaen), who…

Maderas Barber – José Rodríguez Guitars

José Rodríguez Guitars

3 de October de 2016

José Rodríguez Peña, handmade guitars maker, was born in Andújar in 1958. He started making guitars in 1972, influenced by Miguel Rodríguez and Manuel Reyes, both of them fine guitarreros from Córdoba, creating later José Rodríguez Guitars. José Rodríguez Peña makes high quality handmade guitars, classical as well as flamenco ones. His favorited method of…