News Unique Pieces

9 varieties of extraordinarily beautiful woods.

16 de July de 2020

Nine varieties of extraordinarily beautiful woods from different parts of the world, Germany, West Asia, India, Central and West Africa, Central America, Mexico and South East Asia. We travel all over the world in search of the best woods for the construction of musical instruments that are not simply beautiful, they are a true expression…


Indian Rosewood – Lathe

Indian Rosewood now also for lathe!

30 de June de 2020

The Indian Rosewood* is one of the most appreciated and used woods in the world for the creation of musical instruments, due to its sound qualities, its beauty and its workability. In addition, it is highly valued for the manufacture of furniture; for turning such as chess pieces, billiard balls, plates and all kinds of…



New D’Addario Strings

11 de June de 2020

When selecting the strings, it is important to think about what sound we want to transmit, to value our experience as guitarists, and the type of guitar we want to build. This is an important decision to determine the final sound of the instrument, so we decided to rely on the excellent quality of the…



New Cocobolo Custom Sets

28 de May de 2020

The cocobolo, originally from Central America, is an exotic wood of spectacular beauty, resistant and very appreciated by luthiers, since it will also provide your instrument with greater clarity and sustain due to its great sound qualities. Its lines, designs and colors are the true expression of the essence of this exceptional wood.


New Curly Cedar neck

21 de May de 2020

From today, new custom pieces of this exceptional, unique and special wood are available in our online store.  The Honduras Cedar is one of the most used woods in the construction of necks for Classic Guitar. Its wide use is due to its perfect characteristics for the composition of a guitar as well as its…



Retro Style Machine Heads.

30 de April de 2020

From today, new and unique accessories are available in our catalogue: compacts and machine heads from the brand Kluson and bridges for electric bass guitars from the brand Göldo. The first historic Kluson machine heads were manufactured in the 1950s and are still produced in a vintage style that can differentiate and add value to…



New Wood Spalted Beech

27 de April de 2020

You have seen it, wished it and appreciated it in our giveaway on social media and now it is finally available in our online store at a special introductory price.

Don’t miss the opportunity to create your guitar with this beautiful wood!

crisis with you

In this crisis we are with you.

26 de March de 2020

Due to the serious situation we are living, provoked by the COVID-19, Maderas Barber has decided to lower all its prices. We reduced the price of all wood products by 15% and the rest of the products such as machine-heads, finished, tools and accessories by 5%*. Also, if you are a VIP or VIP PREMIUM…


bending sides

New bending sides service

12 de March de 2020

For a long time Maderas Barber has been committed to constantly incorporating new product lines, keeping us at the forefront with all kinds of novelties, both in our own products and in the best brands in the market for the construction of instruments. We have decided the same with the incorporation of services to facilitate…


vip premium


25 de February de 2020

Become a VIP PREMIUM Client and enjoy all these advantages: Purchase method To become a VIP PREMIUM Customer, you will only have to add this product to your shopping cart without adding any other product. Register Once we receive your order, within 24/48 hours we will register you as a VIP PREMIUM customer and send…


Free Shipping – Tonewood

¡From today – Free Shipping!

18 de February de 2020

This year, we have decided to reward all our customers for the trust they have placed in us.  From today you will only have to worry about choosing the wood you need to build your instrument without additional charges, and we will take care of the shipping. * Promotion valid only for online orders and…


repair wood – gluboost

The revolution in wood repair

11 de February de 2020

Forget all the difficulties of repairing your instrument! We have introduced in our catalog the best products on the market for the repair of wood finishes, constructions, marquetry and wood turning. These high quality, innovative and revolutionary Made in USA products are used by all the professionals and luthiers who want to make repairs and…


Cyber Monday 2019

Start your week with Cyber Monday

2 de December de 2019

LET’S EXTEND OUR BLACK FRIDAY SALE ONE MORE DAY! Who said Mondays are boring? If you missed our Black Friday sale you are given a second chance! Today only, you can get up to 50% off in our online store, more than 4,000 discounted products are now just a click away. We’ve extended our Black Friday, you can recover the…


Perfiles, Tiras de Fondo y Juntas de Aro

Customize your guitar design ! Discover our new types of bindings, backstrips and sides joint.

7 de November de 2019

NEW BINDINGS, BACKSTRIPS AND SIDES JOINT! We offer you 8 types of wood for bindings, backstrip and sides joint. Customize your guitar design, give a personal touch and combine different types of bindings, backstrips and sides joint that we offer you. In this occasion, Maderas Barber offer you this decorative product in 8 varieties of…


A pickup is a very important element, it acts as a conductor between the vibrations emitted by the strings and the amplifier.


29 de October de 2019

A pickup is a very important element, it acts as a conductor between the vibrations emitted by the strings and the amplifier. They are responsible to transmitting the sound as way as we hear it. Each pickup has different functions and objectives, generate certain sounds and are more appropriate for some genres or others. Major…


Music China 2019

Meet us at Music China in W2 D17 booth

13 de September de 2019

Music China is one of the most important international trade fairs for musical instruments and accessories, that takes place once a year in Shanghai, China. With a huge selection of musical instruments plus professional audio, lighting and entertainment systems and over 110,000 visitors from more than 81 countries and regions, the Music China is the…



Second Barber Sales Week with 40% off

17 de June de 2019

The top is the fundamental piece of the guitar that decides in an 80% how the sound would be. Usually, soft woods are used for the tops, with straight grains, parallel and without knots, always that could be possible. Physically, since the tops are composed of two halves joined longitudinally, they have symmetry in the distribution of…


New Perona tuners with up to 10% off

New Perona tuners with up to 10% off

22 de May de 2019

Maderas Barber is always at the forefront in everything related to your musical instrument. On this occasion we present 6 new models of Perona tuners, considered the latest trend and the # 1 in sales of high-quality machine heads. Customize your guitar with one of these 6 sophisticated and high-quality tuners with a creative design…


Free shipping to Europe during May 9th

Free shipping to Europe during May 9th

9 de May de 2019

Maderas Barber gives you the shipping of your order for free on May 9th to celebrate the Europe Day! Europe Day is a celebration that takes place every May 9th in the European Union, in memory of the Schuman Declaration, in which the French Foreign Minister, Robert Schuman, proposed that coal and steel from Germany…


New range of natural oils 100% ecologic

New range of natural oils 100% ecologic

2 de May de 2019

New range of natural oils 100% ecologic with 0% volatile organic compounds Maderas Barber incorporates a new range of natural oils that contains zero toxic emissions and exceptional features: they provide color to the woods, protect this material with a single layer, dry and harden quickly, improve the wood appearance and natural touch, they have…


Maderas Barber brings more than 100 products for electric guitars and basses

Maderas Barber brings more than 100 products for electric guitars and basses

5 de March de 2019

To Maderas Barber it is essential to keep updating our catalog with products that facilitate the construction of your instrument. This time we bring more than 100 new accessories, parts, pieces, hardware and electronics for electric guitars and basses that include: pickups, switches, jacks, capacitors, potentiometers and cables. Among them, we can highlight the pickups…


Discover the new woods line for lathe with almost 300 new products

Discover the new woods line for lathe with almost 300 new products

24 de January de 2019

Maderas Barber brings you 291 new products. These are pieces of 22 great quality different types of wood distributed in 19 measurements of each species. They are: Bubinga, Ziricote, Cedar, Maple, Bocote, Black Limba, Ash, Mexican Granadillo, Walnut, Mahogany, Ebony, Exotic Ebony, Lacewood, Ovangkol, Padauk, Purple Heart, Olive, African Mahogany, Wenge, Sapele, Snakewood and Cypress.…


Amazing clearance sale prices in accessories pieces for guitars

Amazing clearance sale prices in accessories pieces for guitars

13 de November de 2018

Maderas Barber had a unique opportunity with exclusive prices in guitar accessories and parts that include: fingerboards, bridges, machine heads, purflings, pickguards, rosettes and different decorations for unlimited time, while supplies last.

Do not miss this great sale!

Remember, promotion only while supplies last!


Finally the Great Day has arrived

16 de May de 2018

Last days for Saturday May 19, in which Maderas Barber will celebrate its 60th anniversary with an open day event full of emotions. We’d like to share it with you and, of course, you’re invited to the party! Get your free ticket before they run out at: We keep on adding offers for the…


discount – anniversary


3 de May de 2018

We remind you that the on May 19 will take place an open day event in our facilities due to our 60th anniversary, a day that we are preparing with great enthusiasm to which you can attend by getting your free ticket at the following link:             If you…



See our latest news and arrivals!

17 de January de 2018

    As we already warned you previously, we still have more news to announce… And we won’t’ make you wait longer! You already have in our online shop these two new product lines, which are the result of listening to your suggestions and knowing your needs. Here you have just some examples of the…



SALES: 10% OFF on all our products

10 de January de 2018

ENJOY A 10% OFF ON ALL OUR ONLINE SHOP! Good news to survive the post-holiday budget crunch. we know that in Christmas we spend more than we would like… So we give you a 10% OFF on more than 2.000 items of our online shop during all January. Different species of wood, tools, kits, accessories……


Plantilla_blog_MB EN

Our Christmas discounts are back!

1 de December de 2017

Our discounts could not fail in Christmas this year! They are already a whole tradition, and we know that you were waiting for them. So, to getting a good start in Christmas, we bring you this good news! During all December, we give you a 5% OFF on all our products for purchases over 200€.…



Maderas Barber in the 16th edition of Music China in Shanghái

25 de September de 2017

Maderas Barber will be in the 16th edition of Music China that will take place in Shanghái between the 11-14 October 2017. This international event is one of the most important trade show worldwide, specialized in musical instruments and accessories. There you can find a big range of musical instruments both from China and Occident, represented by the most…


feria de la música frankfurt

Maderas Barber in Musikmesse 2017

15 de March de 2017

Musikmesse in Frankfurt is the international trade fair for musical instruments, sheet music, music production and marketing. Musikmesse 2017 will be held in Frankfurt am Main from 5 to 8 April (10 a.m. – 6 p.m.). This highlight for the sector covers all parts of the musical-instrument sector, from classical instruments, acoustic and electric guitars and bases,…



CITES changes 2017

12 de January de 2017

Maderas Barber – CITES changes 2017 Surely you have already heard that CITES regulations have changed and they came into effect on January the 2nd 2017, however, in Maderas Barber we did not want to rush to gather the information so that it is as complete and rigorous as possible . For our part, we…


Maderas Barber – December Discounts 2016

December discounts come back!

1 de December de 2016

DECEMBER DISCOUNTS IN MADERAS BARBER! A MONTH FULL OF SURPRISES!  December is a month of family gatherings, special days and gifts, many gifts. In Maderas Barber we did not want to be left behind: we want to make this month of expenses and commitments more bearable for you and to make you enjoy the Christmas…


Maderas Barber – Japanese Tools

Fall in love with our Japanese Tools!

22 de September de 2016

Witness the new amazing Japanese Tools we have in Maderas Barber! When we talk about Japanese carpentry, we talk about an art appreciated and valued by wood professionals; and as good craftsmen, they need good tools. Japanese tools are characterized by their level of customization, the use of quality metals, their functionality, and their sharpness and…


Maderas Barber: New Custom Sets

New Custom Sets

9 de September de 2016

DISCOVER THE NEW CUSTOM SETS WE HAVE FOR YOU Due to September arrival, we believe that it is necessary to enjoy unique and different things, this is why we have been working all summer in offering new custom sets for tonewood lovers. In this occasion we come up with more than 70 new custom with exotic…


Maderas Barber – Sales

New section: SALES!

20 de July de 2016

IN MADERAS BARBER WE HAVE A NEW SECTION: SALES! DISCOVER THEM! Did you ever dream in getting the most precious and exotic woods at an unbeatable price? This is your opportunity. Don’t miss it. In Maderas Barber we believe you can take out profit of all timbers, that’s why we are launching this new range…