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Solve your questions through the ones asked by our users.


  • 1. ¿How to do the payment?

    Credit card: You can use your credit card or VISA MASTER-CARD. Payment is made through the Paypal payment gateway equipped with security system. This management is immediate.
    Bank Transfer: You can transfer the value of the purchase on behalf of Maderas Barber SL the account number you will be prompted to complete your order. All expenses will be paid by the customer.
    Send the proof of payment by mail at info@tonewood.es or by fax at +34 96 134 0156. Please note that effective management will be 24 or 48 hours later.
    Check for the name Maderas Barber SL. The check should be mailed to the address of Maderas Barber SL.


    Maderas Barber S.L.
    C/ Islas Baleares nº42
    P.I. Fuente del Jarro
    46 988 Paterna – Valencia
    España (Spain)

  • 2. What is the minimum order?

    There is no minimum order.

  • 3. When do i have to pay the taxes?

    Our prices include VAT (value added tax). When you select the country from where the request is sent maderasbarber.com/tonewood/en/  calculates rates payable, if applicable. European companies (not Spanish) with the number of intra-community VAT not have to pay fees.
    If your order is sent to a country outside the EU must pass customs, and generate tariffs and other import taxes. For further information should contact local authorities.


  • 4. How much is shipping?

    Prices shown are EXWORK and may change without notice.
    Shipments are prepaid, charging the postage on the invoice.
    Shipments are made by transportation companies GLS to destinations in Spain, and by the GLS transport companies, FedEx and Annexed to other countries.
    In the shipping charges are not included tariffs or other cost that is generated in the office of destination. For more information please contact the nearest customs department.
    We cannot use couriers for our deliveries because we do not provide the corresponding SAD, a customs document required for an export company as Maderas Barber to present to the Treasury.


  • 5. ¿What are NIF / CIF?

    maderasbarber.com/tonewood/en/ register with the system asks for your “VAT.” Here you must enter your ID, NIE, passport number, national identification number or social security number or a company, the corresponding CIF as this is a legal requirement in Spain.

  • 6. I have trouble paying by credit card. What can i dó

    date) and then charge personally. Always destroy this data after use. If you prefer a bank transfer to our account:
    Maderas Barber SL
    When we receive the payment process your order.

  • 7. What should i do if there is damage during transport?

    We insure all shipments. Any damage caused in transit must be communicated within 24 hours after receiving the package.

  • 8. Can i exchange or return a product?

    We are fully confident in the quality of our products, but if any of them do not fully respond to their wishes do not hesitate to return it within 15 days as it was received. It is your choice made the refund or exchange for another product.
    If we made a mistake when placing your order we will correct it at no cost on your part.
    No refunds will be screen printed items, handled, or have suffered some type transformation.
    Once we have received the product, we check the condition of the item before making the change or refund the amount.
    If for any reason you need more information to make an exchange / return please contact us by email (info@tonewood.es) or fax (+34 96 134 0156) or by calling +34 96 134 0301 and we will help in you need.


  • 9. Is the wood ready for use immediately?

    Maderas Barber advised that the wood is not dry. We recommend complete the drying process prior to using wood.