FAQ guitar
Solve your questions through the ones most asked by our clients.


  • 1. How can I do the payment?

    Credit card: You can use your VISA or MasterCard.

    PayPal: Paying with your PayPal account is the easiest, fastest and most secure way to send payments on the Internet.

    Bank transfer: You can also make a wire transfer to Maderas Barber S.L. for the total amount of your order to the account number that we indicate you when you confirm your purchase. We ask you for send us a copy of the bank transfer receipt by email to info@maderas-barber.com or by fax to +34 96 134 0156. Please notice that this banking process will be affective in 24 or 48h.

    Check for the name Maderas Barber SL. The check should be mailed to the address of Maderas Barber SL.

    Maderas Barber S.L.
    C/ Islas Baleares nº42
    P.I. Fuente del Jarro
    46 988 Paterna – Valencia
    España (Spain)

  • 2. What is the minimum order?

    There is no minimum order.

  • 3. When do I have to pay the taxes?

    The prices of our items don’t include VAT (value added tax). When you select the country where your order will be shipped, our online shop calculates if you have to pay VAT or not, because not all countries have to pay it. If the VAT has to be applied in your order, our online shop will include the taxes in the final price of your purchase.

    The European companies (except Spanish) who have number of intra-community VAT do not have to pay fees.

    If your order is sent outside the European Union, the package must pass Customs, and it could generate some additional import duties, which must be managed with the local Customs authorities of your country. For further information, you should contact the local Custom authorities, cause in each country the process is different.

    If the order must be sent outside the European Union and you also chose products that need CITES documents, the price will be increased 60 € for each delivery due to the processing costs of the documents. For further information click on the link below.

  • 4. How much are the shipping costs?

    The prices shown are EXWORK and may change without notice.
    Shipments are prepaid by Maderas Barber S.L., and the costs are added on the invoice.

    The shipments are made by the transport company to destinations in Spain with a delivery time within 24 and 48 hours, and by FedEx to other countries with a delivery time within 4 and 5 working days.

    The shipping costs don’t include other taxes which could be generated like import duties and which should be managed with the local Customs authorities of your country. For more information please contact the nearest Customs department.

    We cannot use the postal service for our deliveries because they don’t supply us with the corresponding export document, which we need as a legal requirement for an exporting company as Maderas Barber S.L.


  • 5. What is NIF / VAT?

    When you register on our online shop, the system will ask you for your “VAT” and your “NIF”. If you are an individual person, the NIF refers to your identification number, ID, NIE or passport number. And if you are a company, you must enter your VAT number as an enterprise, since it’s a legal requirement in Spain.

  • 6. I am having troubles paying by credit card. What can I do?

    If you are having problems paying with credit card, you can send us your credit card data (16 digits and expiration date) and we will charge your order with your credit card personally. We’ll immediately destroy this data after use it.

    If you prefer, you can also make a wire transfer to our bank account:
    Maderas Barber SL
    Polígono Fuente del Jarro 46988
    IBAN ES19 2100 4553 1702 0017 2297
    Once we have received your payment we process your order.

  • 7. What should I do if my order is damaged during transport?

    We insure all shipments. Any damage caused in transit must be communicated within 24 hours after receiving the package. You can contact us through our telephone number (+34) 96 134 03 01 or via email: info@maderas-barber.com.

  • 8. Can I exchange or return a product?

    We are fully confident in the quality of our products, but if any of them do not fully respond to your expectation, do not hesitate to return it within 15 days as it was received. It is your choice to make the refund or exchange it for another product.

    If we made a mistake when placing your order, we will correct it without any cost on your part.

    But we won’t refund any item if it has been handled or if it has suffered some kind of transformation. Once we receive the product, we check the conditions of the item before making the change or refund the money.

    If for any reason you need more information to make an exchange or return, please contact us by email (info@maderas-barber.com) or fax (+34 96 134 0156) or by calling to +34 96 134 0301 and we will help you.


  • 9. Is the wood ready for use immediately?

    In Maderas Barber we have recently incorporated the drying option in many of our products. You can choose this option while you are making your order in those products which the drying option is available. If you don’t want this option, we don’t guarantee you that the wood had the optimal grade of humidity to being used immediately.