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9 varieties of extraordinarily beautiful woods.

16 de July de 2020

Nine varieties of extraordinarily beautiful woods from different parts of the world, Germany, West Asia, India, Central and West Africa, Central America, Mexico and South East Asia. We travel all over the world in search of the best woods for the construction of musical instruments that are not simply beautiful, they are a true expression…

Indian Rosewood – Lathe

Indian Rosewood now also for lathe!

30 de June de 2020

The Indian Rosewood* is one of the most appreciated and used woods in the world for the creation of musical instruments, due to its sound qualities, its beauty and its workability. In addition, it is highly valued for the manufacture of furniture; for turning such as chess pieces, billiard balls, plates and all kinds of…


New D’Addario Strings

11 de June de 2020

When selecting the strings, it is important to think about what sound we want to transmit, to value our experience as guitarists, and the type of guitar we want to build. This is an important decision to determine the final sound of the instrument, so we decided to rely on the excellent quality of the…


New Cocobolo Custom Sets

28 de May de 2020

The cocobolo, originally from Central America, is an exotic wood of spectacular beauty, resistant and very appreciated by luthiers, since it will also provide your instrument with greater clarity and sustain due to its great sound qualities. Its lines, designs and colors are the true expression of the essence of this exceptional wood.


New Curly Cedar neck

21 de May de 2020

From today, new custom pieces of this exceptional, unique and special wood are available in our online store.  The Honduras Cedar is one of the most used woods in the construction of necks for Classic Guitar. Its wide use is due to its perfect characteristics for the composition of a guitar as well as its…


Retro Style Machine Heads.

30 de April de 2020

From today, new and unique accessories are available in our catalogue: compacts and machine heads from the brand Kluson and bridges for electric bass guitars from the brand Göldo. The first historic Kluson machine heads were manufactured in the 1950s and are still produced in a vintage style that can differentiate and add value to…


New Wood Spalted Beech

27 de April de 2020

You have seen it, wished it and appreciated it in our giveaway on social media and now it is finally available in our online store at a special introductory price.

Don’t miss the opportunity to create your guitar with this beautiful wood!

crisis with you

In this crisis we are with you.

26 de March de 2020

Due to the serious situation we are living, provoked by the COVID-19, Maderas Barber has decided to lower all its prices. We reduced the price of all wood products by 15% and the rest of the products such as machine-heads, finished, tools and accessories by 5%*. Also, if you are a VIP or VIP PREMIUM…